Sweden Creme

The Best  Anywhere!


Quotes Thank you for being so nice to my boyfriend and I last night and staying open while we ate our ice crème. We love your ice cream and can't wait to come back Quotes
Rosemary Mignery
In Love

Quotes We're hooked. My sons said he stopped and tried the burgers and they were really good. I want to do that soon. Quotes
Connie T. H.

Quotes I just wanted to share, that you guys have mastered a recipe of friendliness, cleanliness, and an overall sense of good customer service that surpasses all. Your attention to customer satisfaction, creativity, and willingness to experiment with flavors is your key to success. Keep it up. I am proud to say that Flubs lost a customer due to a customer service issue, but where they lacked, you gained a customer. P.S. I am intrigued by the music that you play at the shop and the occasional voice that plays for thanking your customers. Quotes
Scott H.
New Customer

Quotes Great tasting Dixie hamburgers. I grew up on Dixie highway and loved the Dixie burgers. Sweden cream has brought a Hamilton classic back to life. Thank you. Quotes
Ken Koger
Dixie hamburgers

Quotes The BEST ice Cream around! Fun place to go and relax.... great music, great food.... awesome people! Quotes
Jay M.
Satisfied customer

Quotes Really..... The best fish I have ever ate.... Quotes
Fish Lover

Quotes Sweden Creme by FAR has the BEST Chicken Tenders & Fries that I have ever had anywhere around here!! Ice Cream and Chicken Tenders!! MmmmmHmmm!!! Quotes
Chris M.
Chicken Tenders are the BOMB!

Quotes Love this ice creme joint. Great food nice people work there. Great prices and so relaxing with the music. Quotes
Susan B.
Happy Customer

Quotes Wonderful management = Happy employees = Very Satisfied Customers. Love this place. Quotes
Samuel V
Happy Employee

Quotes The thickest shakes in Butler County area! Quotes
Satisfied Customer