Sweden Creme

The Best  Anywhere!


Quotes Love this shop. It reminds me of a little place that my parents took us too. Wonderful atmosphere all around. Quotes
Satisfied Customer

Quotes It is so much fun to have a place like this open to work at, and to get together with friends at. Quotes
Shelby T
Happy Employee

Quotes Eating at Sweden Creme is a throw-back experience. It's a mid-century style, family-owned joint with hearty food and soft serve treats. It's an easy walk for our family, great products, and a friendly staff that knows your name! Quotes
Brandon S.
Raving fan

Quotes This is an awesome place to work and to eat! The best food in Hamilton! Quotes
Amy P.
Satisfied Employee

Quotes Great Food, Awesome Service! A very fun place to eat! We will be back soon! Quotes
Nick P
Satisfied Customer!
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